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Seawake is the result of a renovation of the first Gin produced by Bad Spirits.

The previous design needed a modernisation to enhance it, but a simple change of graphics did not seem sufficient.

Bad Spirits had already undertaken a number of initiatives in favour of the environment; raising awareness of environmental issues is essential in the domestic and private spheres, as well as at work.

Therefore, the desire not to remain indifferent to the changes taking place on our planet was the crucial driving force behind the development of this project.

The first step was the selection of sustainable materials: recycled glass bottles and labels made from plastic destined to be dispersed in the oceans.

Even the cap will be eco-friendly, made of cork combined with activated charcoal, that neutralises undesirable substances from the cork in a natural way, allowing less water, chemical agents and energy to be used.

On each label it will be possible to find a series of illustrations dedicated to the creatures that inhabit our waters.

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Moreover Bad Spirits has decided not to stop there and with the purchase of each bottle, 5% will be donated to support Marevivo, an organisation whose aim is to protect and conserve the ecosystem and species of our seas.

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The balance between the botanicals makes this gin a masterpiece.
The combination of fennel seeds, coriander and juniper with orange zest make this gin round and delicate on the palate.


Tasting notes: citrus and fresh

Capacity: 700ml

Alcohol content: 40%vol.

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Seawake Gin

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The Gin dedicated to the sea.